Cracked Walls

SAU specialise in fast and efficient solutions once it has been determined that the cracked walls are being caused by subsidence. Our Resin Injection System is suitable for all domestic, commercial, industrial, and public buildings. We use state of the art level monitoring equipment to monitor the injection process to repair the damaged soil.

Cracked Wall Repairs

Cracks in Walls

Cracked walls are an indication of stress to the structure of a building. Small cracks are usually nothing to worry about, and can sometimes be down to the age of the property. Larger cracks however, can be a sign of more significant damage to the foundations, and possibly sinking or subsidence.

When Are Cracks Concerning?

Cracks that are widening or that are forming diagonal lines should not be ignored. They are the first sign of significant structural issues. Look out for gaps in between door and window frames that are larger than 5mm, a simple test is to see if you can insert your little finger in the gap.

Zig-zag or stepped cracks in brickwork are also an indication of structural defects. It is important that you seek expert advice should any of these signs become apparent, as it may indicate structural damage, and ignoring it may lead to further damage and a significant reduction in property value.

Wall Crack Repair

How Can We Help?

SAU specialise in providing customers with fast and efficient solutions to subsidence and re-levelling. The team of experts will carefully plan out the work done to your property beforehand, taking into consideration all of the specific requirements of the project.

Once it has been determined that the cracked walls are being caused by subsidence, the team will begin work on re-levelling and re-lifting the property. As the building is re-levelled the gaps will usually close and only require minor cosmetic work to cover the thin ones that remain. More importantly, the house will be structurally sound and no the foundational damage will be repaired.

By using our modern approach to underpinning, SAU can repair structural damage in a fraction of the time of older methods. By using a combination of advanced precision technology, and precision drilling, the experts at SAU are able to re-level your home without the need for any excavation. This means that the time taken to complete work is, in most cases, one day, and the cost of work is substantially reduced.

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