Non Disruptive Technology

By using resin injection with SAU, customers can benefit from a far superior alternative to traditional methods of underpinning, without the need to vacate their homes.

Non disruptive technology

Non-disruptive Alternative to Underpinning

When subsidence has occurred, it is important that work is carried out quickly. Traditional solutions to subsidence are expensive and highly disruptive. Excavation and concrete pouring is labour intensive and usually means that homeowners need to vacate their homes.

The benefits of using SAU Resin Injection System for ground improvement and subsidence repair are vast. We pride ourselves on delivering a service which makes older methods of ground work completely redundant. Some of the benefits of using resin injection with SAU include:

• Non-disruptive method solution that does not require excavation or digging.

• A much faster ground solution method, jobs that once would takes weeks or months can be completed in a matter of days.

• An adaptable solution that can be used for all types of building and foundations, regardless of size.

• No need for hydraulic pressure, instead, the use of controlled resin injection. This dramatically reduces the likelihood of further damage to foundations.

• An environmentally friendly solution which does not require any excavation.

By filling gaps beneath the soil with expanding resin materials, soil in weaker areas becomes compacted. This is done without the need for excavation, and can be completed in a fraction of the time it would take to complete a traditional underpinning solution.

Resin Injection

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