Sinkhole Subsidence & Prevention

Sinkholes are becoming a common problem across the UK due to changes in ground conditions. The danger and unpredictability of sinkholes can be extremely concerning to homeowners, especially for those who own property in areas at high risk.


What are Sinkholes

Sinkholes are caused when water dissolves bedrock, leading to the formation of cavities underneath the ground. As loose rocks sink beneath the ground, the surface layer can no longer support itself. This leads to the formation of a sinkhole. Sinkholes are unpredictable and extremely dangerous.

Despite being unpredictable, there are some early warning signs to look out for. Get in touch with the team at SAU if you notice any of the following issues at your property:

• Cracks in the walls
• Stair step cracks in the brickwork
• Cracks that are getting wider
• Tilting trees or posts
• Uneven floors
• Bodies of water such as ponds drying away
• Dying vegetation in a specific area

It is often the case that these issues are being caused by less severe subsidence or other natural occurrences, however it is important that it is investigated quickly.

Sinkhole Repair

Sinkhole prevention

The main prevention for sinkholes is strengthening the ground before a sinkhole has a chance to occur. SAU uses resin injection as a preventative measure. By binding our resin material with the soil in the affected area, we increase the load bearing capacity of the foundations of the property. This leads to the prevention of sinkholes and in many cases, the property will be lifted back into its original state.

When a sinkhole has already occurred, SAU are on hand to support. Our team of experts specialise in void filling, and by using our resin injection solution, we are able to prevent further formations, and fix the void caused by the sinkhole.

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